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How's it work?

It works as you work. 

Earn points while working out however, whenever and wherever you want, we'll be tracking your efforts in the background and awarding you points to spend on leveling up your character's abilities. That’s right, The harder you hit your workout in the real world, the harder you hit your frinds... virtually, of course! Join our beta cohort today and be among the first to level-up the fun factor of daily fitness!

Why Fulcrum Gaming?

When I finished my career as an NCAA goalkeeper I faced what most of us have to face at one time or another: it was time to move on from competitive sports.


For me, it was the number of concussions I had sustained over time. For others it could be physical injury, limited opportunities, or just the stresses and pressures of life. But most of us face a moment where we no longer have something compelling to train for, and physical fitness starts to feel like a chore rather than a competitive outlet.

But with the digital world and fitness trackers at our fingertips, it doesn't have to be like that. There is no reason that we cant make real-world training the driving force behind character development in video games. In fact, there is no reason we cant build an esports league a bit more deserving of the "sports" aspect of its name.


I'm putting an exercise science degree, MBA, and product management experience to work to make it happen. I hope you will join me for the ride!

I freaking love it. A month after I bought my Fitbit I already stopped paying attention to it, and my workouts got sloppy and lazy. But with this, I'm always aware of how I'm doing and motivated to hit the next level.

-Si Ma Guang, 30